GDPR +PSD2: New Service – Kick-off for Compliance

“GDPR +PSD2: New Service – Kick-off for Compliance”

Clingstone Ltd. offers new service that allows to start preparing the company to compliance with EU GDPR and PSD2 regulations.

In this service, we will

– provide a few Workshops with the decition-makers and implementation teams

– perform separate or joint design of the Concent Data Model

– perform Impact Analysis for GDPR (according to ICO Reccommendations) and/or for PSD2 (mandatory and optional APIs)

– compose an Implementation Plan.

Do not forget that

1)  the PSD2 steps in the power on 13 January 2018 while the GDPR steps in the power on 25 May 2018

2) the GDPR’s data subject consent management will impact the PSD2′ consent management making it more difficult.


In order to discuss this service, please, fill the form (e-mail) at Contact Us page.

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