A Checklist for Contracting Cloud Business

A Checklist for Contracting Cloud Business” A White Paper

WHAT: Clingstone publishes a White Paper “A Checklist for Contracting Cloud Business“.

FOR WHOM: the White Paper targets a senior level of Business and IT decision-makers who think of engaging Cloud providers. If you already have a contract with a Cloud provider, you still will find a lot of considerations and advices that can help you to manage  relationships with the Cloud world.

This White Paper will be also of interest to Enterprise and Solutions Architects in both Business and Technology, as well as to some financial and marketing experts who deal or have to deal with the consequences of working with Cloud.

WHY: this White Paper can help those who

  • 1) want to protect their own enterprise or team from business problems associated with Cloud and, simultaneously, gain benefits from the Cloud usage
  • 2) deal with contracts with Cloud providers from business and legal perspectives
  • 3) plan to hire multiple Cloud providers and wants to avoid their hands tied
  • 4) prefer to live and work in the “client’s market” rather than in the “vendor’s market”





Cloud Computing (CC) is not a trend or an exclusive Information Technology (IT) revolution. CC is just a symptom of the new wave of Business Architecture, which sees an enterprise as a combination of cooperating business services and platforms [1]. Different types of CC contribute predominantly into services or platforms. For example, Software as a Service (SaaS) becomes an automated part of the Business services while Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) appear mostly as platforms.

The phenomenon is that historically IT started to depart into CC at the same time as corporate business started to penetrate technology in IT management. In the Cloud market, business acted as an independent entity, bypassing IT. It seems that 2012–2014 are the years of business challenge for the Cloud. While many companies have already ‘tested the waters’ of the Cloud, others are thinking about it and intensively looking around for practical advice, tips and warnings…

Starting in 2009, we pointed out that the business problems of CC are much more serious than technical ones [2]. We talked about this in the Cloud conferences and other forums, but most people usually turned heads away, with very few exceptions. Cloud enthusiasts were fully focused on technology problems and on the number of companies that started using the Cloud. Those who tried the Cloud and hit a wall of related business problems did not want to expose their pain. At the OVUM Industry Congress 2014 in London, we have heard, maybe for the first time, an honest and open overview of CC business aspects, contracts and legal perspectives –  and all of them were not that rosy.

This White Paper summarises some industry –  and some personal – experience that enterprises have collected in dealing with Cloud providers. The White Paper takes a Cloud client viewpoint and addresses the commercial and operational risks that companies gain because of CC. In other words, we are offering a series of advice to the client organisations on what they have to watch out for during and after making a contract with a Cloud provider…


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